Controversial Topics in Education

Asian American Paper

The assignment given to me for this paper was to pick a topic with in my category of Asian American inequality. This was done in groups so each member had a different part to cover, I choose to discuss the legal and legislative actions that further supported how Asian Americans were suppressed.

Strengths of this piece was the sources and research I did. I made good use of all of my sources in each paragraph I wrote. This was a research paper, so I did well in not inserting my opinion, however part of the report we were suppose to put some emotion it, which is one of my weaknesses.

Weaknesses included my thesis. Although my paper was well developed, my thesis could have better supported my paper as a whole. I am not giving my opinion in the matter in my thesis, and this also continues to the paper as a whole. While this is intended to be a research paper, I feel as though it is too dry in the sense that it can get a bit boring and repetitive.